038 // Tushen Raï

Percussive elements, exotic chants, heavy synths, intense acidity… Tushen Raï's mixtape is a true trip through the infinity variety of the music diversity this planet has to offer. From Brazil to Africa, Middle East… get ready to try a little bit of what this amazing artist has to offer.

By creating Hard Fist, Tushen Raï has found a way to bring together his two passions: collecting records and travelling. From Turkish psychedelia to Romanian EBM or tribal African Techno, his undeniable dancing sets are fed with powerful soul voices, weirdo beats and unknown instruments.

He sees music as a reflection of the world, and the dancefloor as a place to cross cultures and bring open-minded people together.

In 2018 he released his first EP “Lights Of Khonvoum” with his partner in crime Cornelius Doctor on his own label Hard Fist, which was defined by Mixmag as “one of the most interesting EPs of 2018”.

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