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Obon does not consider himself a DJ, but a selector. And what a selector, ladies & gentlemen! His set combines many different music genres, a true podcast made by an expert in the kind of music we could say that comes not from Earth, but from outer space.

Juanjo Obon is half Dutch and half Spanish and started selecting records in 1987 for Barcelona radios and the first PACHA in the world (Sitges). After that, he has never stopped researching different music styles and trends.

He lives in a rural area in the Tuscan Apennines where he runs his own vineyard and other farmer chores, which means that whenever he is in his studio, he has no exterior influences. This unique atmosphere inspires him to develop a peculiar style, which differs from the underground panorama.

His sets bring together a combination of vinyl records (especially from small labels and self productions) and some analogue toys, like drum machines and synths.

Along with the Italian Luca Franceschini (visuals & electric optical arts), he established LOVETHEMACHINE, an Electro, Minimal, Techno and Nu Wave project born in 2006. LOVETHEMACHINE is now working in a new electronic analogue live, combining different musical backgrounds such as the early Nu Wave, Industrial and the most actual underground Techno, with shards of groovy Indie Dance.

In the last 2 years, Obon performed in more than 120 gigs in Italy, Germany, Spain, England, France, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland, and is now part of Carajillo Electronique, a Barcelona-based collective devoted only to analogue culture and sounds.

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