ALI X X Ximena, bosses of the respected Mexican label Controlla, managed to channel the intense energy they transpire in their live performances to the exclusive mixtape they provided to our platform.

A virtual winning while losing their shit machine, the Mexico City-based duo of ALI X X XIMENA have in the past year pinged all the right radars with their original productions and performances. Dancing is their yoga and their entrepreneurial life has been soundtracked eclectic and selectively, and this deep connection to their craft yields the most authentic results.

Ximena (Controlla boss and resident DJ) and Ali X (Alixander III, Toronto raised, multi-genre producer & director, and the founder of Azari & III) released their first track in late 2016, the sensually lithe ‘Let’s Get Naked’, a deep club bomb featuring Theus Mago on Tiga’s Turbo Recordings. The follow-ups on Roam and Nein Recordings, and upcoming work with Playground and EsthÉtique are logical progressions, presenting an ever-evolving and cohering body of work, ripe with social and internal reflection, and the videos they have released for singles like Pachanga and Pastillitas showcase an acute visual perspective.

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