063 // Hyman Bass – Modulated

Madrid-based DJ, producer and journalist Hyman Bass debuts on Espacio CIELO.

The 6th release of the young and promising Spanish label Espacio Cielo, managed by Parissior, features Madrid-based, producer and journalist Hyman Bass, a respected and renowned local artist, who has been fighting the good fight of promoting good music only events in some of the best venues of his neighbourhood for quite some time. His many influences allow him to flirt with different music genres when it comes to his productions. Now, the time has come for his space & cosmic endeavours.

His “Modulated EP” brings three top-notch originals, having the title track, in our humble opinion, as the highlight of the release. The tune is devoted to triggering some ecstasy to the dance floor, due to its atmospheric and trippy but stompy vibe. “Modulated” showcases Hyman Bass’ skill of sewing together, seamlessly, his House Music, Cosmic Disco and Techno influences.

Kudos to Espacio Cielo for this release!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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