149 // Steve Pepe – Vivere In Diagonale (Stevie R & Parisinos Remix)

Steve Pepe is back to Inside Out Records, this time remixed by a great team of collaborators. We reviewed Stevie R & Parisinos's version, and it's a beauty!

Released in September this year, also on Inside Out Records, Steve Pepe’s “raw, personal, and honest” album “Vivere in Diagonale” returns with its second instalment: Five from the seven tracks received some insightful interventions provided with love by Stevie R & Parisinos, Tolouse Low Trax, Lamusa II, nICo, and Eva Geist. The complexity of the originals must have presented a hell of a challenge to the remixers, but it didn’t impede them to deliver high-quality versions, which supplied a darker note to the amazing sounds and textures of Steve Pepe’s album.

The interesting remix we were given to review came from the hands of Parisinos and Stevie R. The lads delivered a slow, percussion-based collaboration of the eponymous track with hints of some Middle East elements. The result is an atmospheric and darkish interpretation, which showcases the perfect tune that exists between the British artists.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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