380 // Mau Maioli & Kauan Marco Feat. ARYELA – Time To Dance (Agrabah Remix)

Super cool remix pack for Mau Maioli & The Gang's forthcoming release on Levels Rec. Premiered here, Agrabah's contribution.

It’s time to dance… again! Brazilian rising star Mau Maioli (SXDNS246) and his gang of collaborators – Kauan Marco & ARYELA – bring back their well-received 2021 “Time To Dance” single on Levels Rec but this time featuring a solid team of remixers: Agrabah (SXDNS008 plus SXDNS200/FREEDL016 as part of the duo Caju), Leo Janeiro, and Zombies In Miami, who brought the title track into their respective realms in order to deliver three insightful interpretations of it. Respectively: a funky Nu Disco take, a classy Deep House cut, and a cosmic Indie Dance journey.

With interesting works recently released on spot-on labels such as LoveDogs, U’re Guay, Mélopée, Veneno, and Levels Rec itself, Mauricio “Bad Boy” Maioli has been competently carving his name in stone amid the finest acts of the Brazilian good quality electronic music scene. And if you fancy another example of such rising and shining Equatorial talents, here we go: Ágatha Prado aka Agrabah brought her characteristic Funk with shards of Samba sonority to the party and managed to bring to life a beautiful and groovy version with a slappy and naughty bassline and a “se rasga na pista” attitude.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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