388 // Sylphomatic – Wild Pony

Our last premiere before our deserved summer break presents the debut of the Belgian duo Sylphomatic on NEIN Records. 🦕🍻⛱

“Eyes On Karman” and ears on Sylphomatic! The very first EP of the shamanic electro music duo from Brussels comes dressed to impress! Through five high-quality original cuts, the lads introduce their talent and creativity to the Indie Dance/Dark Disco community with their solid debut on the mighty NEIN Records. Just don’t think this is their first rodeo: Previously, they had been quite active on their personal Bandcamp having released some exclusivities on their own.

Now, with their multi-genre EP, they successfully managed to combine a truckload of their main influences and deliver their vision of what dance-floor-oriented themes must embody.

The one we were solicited to premiere, for instance, opens the EP with a wicked and impish approach. A temperamental theme that combines a sexy vocal hook with retro-futuristic synth leads & layers with a pulsating bassline resulting in a Post-Punk-infused beauty.

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

Follow Sylphomatic and NEIN, peeps!

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