439 // Mindbender & Cula Belfast – Serendipity (Original Mix)

Coming hot on When Disco Goes Wrong, this nervous collaboration between Mindbender & Cula Belfast.

There was no Dry January for the When Disco Goes Wrong lads. After kicking off the 2023 season with Calystarr’s “Dancing In Black” in the first week of the year, the Swedish label now presents Mindbender (BANDCAMP003) & Cula Belfast’s “Serendipity”, a powerful and vibrant single that comes with interesting remixes made with love by Blavatsky & Tolley, Ian Vale, Högt I Tak (SXDNS179), and Calystarr, yeah, him again. The result is an EP that combines, seamlessly, House, Techno, and Dark Disco with heavy doses of Acid.

The duo spared no efforts to bring to life a fresh cut with several references to their past rave days. Marten Attling and Paul McCullough must have transported themselves to the good ol’ times when they and other avid kids were in total ecstasy on the dance floor, completely immersed in the musical & magical experience they were being submitted to. That’s exactly the goal they wanted to achieve with “Serendipity”: Providing today’s kids with a little of the same experience. Will it be appreciated similarly? Probably not. The early rave epoch’s dance floor aura was quite unique and kind of impossible to being reproduced nowadays. Sigh!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Bandcamp page of the label.

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