446 // Sylphomatic – Super High (Corresponsal & Diskontrol Remix)

Corresponsal & Diskontrol got together to deliver an intense remix for Sylphomatic's return on Logia Records.

The rising & shining Belgian duo Sylphomatic (SXDNS354) debuted on Logia Records not so long ago. Their “Diskotripo” EP, featuring three stunning and fiery-as-hell originals, reached the “shelves” of digital retailers in December last year and is now back presenting this time two remixes made with love by some of the hottest Mexican young talents: Corresponsal & Diskontrol (SXDNS254) and Chinosynth (FREEDL021).

It was also not so long ago that the duo appeared for the first time in the Indie Dance/Dark Disco spectrum: Their “Eyes On Karman” EP, released on the mighty NEIN Records, came with a thumping five-track selection (yes, all originals) and introduced the craft of the Brussels-based artists to the world.

But let’s go back to the present, shall we? Premiered here, the insightful interpretation of “Super High”, brought to life by Corresponsal & Diskontrol, marks the first collaboration between the young Latino producers. In their hands, Sylphomatic’s piece got less distorted but rockier, slightly slower (from 125 to 123 BPM) but more acid. Both focus on the peak time – successfully!

You can find (and buy) this and other music pearls on the Beatport page of the label.

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