001 // BemBom

Our platform is officially launched and we gladly present our first guests: The Brazilian duo BemBom, who will certainly please your ears with a proper groovy selection of Disco/House.

Formed in 2007 by the Brazilians Geraldo Nogueira and Mari Jares, BemBom was originated when the couple had the idea to start a podcast featuring their favourite music. Seeing their unique talent, close friends gave a little push and things started happening. From the very first podcast to uplifting the crowd on the dancefloor, BemBom has rapidly grown into a fierce and dynamic duo ready to set the mood with their refined and characteristic sound.

The sound of the duo has a strong footing in Disco Music while playing various other styles, including House and Tech- House. During their performances, the songs connect to each other, telling a narrative and making the set quite dynamic and danceable. Benjamin Ferreira (Ursound), Márcio Vermelho (ODD), Leiloca Pantoja (D-Edge), Magal (CIO), Celestino (SXDNS), Zopelar (Teto Preto) are some of the names with whom BemBom shared the Pick Ups.

BemBom currently resides in Portugal and since 2015 has been playing on a monthly basis at Plano B in Porto. The twosome plays long sets surrounding Disco Music and House. In addition, they also usually play music in Terraplana Bar, where they do something different and focus on organic sounds, turning to Soul / Funk / Disco. They have also performed in Braga (Portugal) in the Casa dos Coimbras, Juno, Monastery and Peste spaces. Recently, the duo was on a short tour through Frankfurt and played at Old Fashioned Bar, NM57 and OFOF Cafe.

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