We interviewed some of our favourite artists. Take a peek and find out curiosities, influences and interesting/fun facts from their careers and personal lives.

Picture by Delicia B
It is always a pleasure to interview friends, even more when they are also a source of inspiration for our work. Ladies & Gentlemen: Bonnie Spacey!
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When it comes to Cosmic & Space music, they are two of the most prolific selectors of this galaxy and two of the sharpest curators of the neighbour galaxy. Ladies and gentlemen: The Robot Scientists.
Photo By Petra Ruehle
Our dear friends Vamparela and Brax Moody kindly answered a few annoying and trivial questions about their projects, hobbies and the end of the world as we know it. Have fun reading the interview and get (even more) familiar with the career of the worldwide famous duo Local Suicide.
Photo by Julia Bo Heijnen
We had a pleasant chat with prolific, Italo culture aficionado and top-five hater Daniel Monaco aka Disco Mortale. Check it out, will you?
Photo by Enzo Jesus
We had a proper talk with almighty Ed Mahon, one of the masterminds of the Cowbell Radio and the Alfresco Festival. The Liverpool fan gave us the big picture about his career and explained why on Earth Bobby Firmino is so respected in England.
Photo by Irina
We love these guys! They are spontaneous, full of attitude and have been doing some spicy Made In Mexico with love top-notch music since they started their almighty label Controlla. We had lots of fun together when they came to Frankfurt for one of our parties, and we are looking forward to doing it again!
Photo by Pipi Amuchastegui
Interviewing a close friend is harder than you imagine. You kind of feel a strong urge to talk only about silly stuff - but we believe things ended up well... despite Martin’s lack of basic knowledge about football.
Photo by Gianni Rizzotti
Luca Roccatagliati aka DJ Rocca has been for many years one of the most prolific and most requested multi-genre producers of our generation. The list of artists and labels he has already collaborated with is endless… And he shows no sign he is going to stop anytime soon! Lucky us!
Photo by David White
We had the privilege of interviewing the one & only Steve Cobby of the vital duo Fila Brazillia and talked about music, politics, literature and, of course, Filas.
Photo by Diego Velasco
We start the blog section of our platform by interviewing a very dear friend of ours: Shubostar, a Mexico-based South Korean DJ, producer and label owner who has been getting more and more recognized and respected in the electronic music world not only because of her flawless sets and productions but also because of her… cats.
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