Have fun with our curated selection of DJ sets provided not only by established artists but also by rising young talents from all over the world.

415 // Josiane
Meet Josiane, a rising & shining Congo-born, Germany-based DJ, and her flawless House-meets-Techno sonority.
414 // Kate Pending
Kate Pending turned her brilliant "Pigmented Reality" into a brilliant mixtape. Savour the moment!
413 // Ludviq
Bonkers's big honcho finally embarks on our spaceship! Ludviq, ladies & gentlemen!
Pic by Claire Auffret
You should add Blutch to your "artists to watch" list. The respected French virtuoso finally lands on our mixtape series with an eclectic and cosmic selection.
411 // Kunstlicht
Promising German DJ Kunstlicht cooked a savoury concoction for our delight!
410 // Anne Hou
This upbeat and groovy selection rising & shining selector Anne Hou prepared for us is pure bliss!
409 // SK LIBRA
Rising Frankfurt-based heroine SK LIBRA finally gives us the privilege of having her on board our mixtape series.
408 // Sylvia OTM
Sylvia OTM prepared a splendid zero-gravity acid experience for our mixtape series. Enjoy!
406 // Phoebe
This beautiful selection made with love by Phoebe is pure bliss! Enjoy!
405 // Stella Galactica
It took us more than 2 years to get her on board - it was worth waiting! Stella Galactica, ladies & gentlemen!
404 // JuNe
Rising South Korean selector JuNe created a vibrant sonority experience for our delight.
401 // Roswell Brothers
We start our 2024 mixtape series with a vibrant selection of the beloved Mexican duo Roswell Brothers!
399 // Miss E
Swedish selector Miss E prepared a savour-the-moment mix for our delight!
Pic by @_anglemort
Intriguing Mystery Kid lands on our mixtape series with a superb selection!
397 // FLAX
This organic and electronic experimental mix by German artist FLAX is all you need today.
396 // gili
Upbeat. Eclectic. Groovy. The list of accolades for gili's appearance in our mixtape series can easily go much longer, but you already understood where we are going.
395 // Laure
Let's go Techno, shall we? Laure, ladies & gentlemen!
394 // alex&tony
German duo alex&tony kindly prepared a groovy and upbeat selection for our delight!
391 // BRDN
We present you Indonesian artist BRDN and her cosmic darkness-meets-groovy sonority.
389 // Plexi Glass
After debuting on our platform with a stunning Italo Disco beast for our FREEDL series, the French duo Plexi Glass delivers now a taste of what they can do on a dance floor.
388 // Le Saint
“Saints have no moderation, nor do poets, just exuberance”. An Anne Sexton's quote to introduce Le Saint, ladies & gentlemen.
Pic by Coco Villosa
We proudly welcome Leipzig-based artist ANKA to our mixtape series.
385 // Mike Randall
From across the pond, Mike Randall tells us his story through an acid and frenzied selection.
383 // Jessica Bellomo
Promising DJ and producer Jessica Bellomo prepared a high-staminaed selection for our delight.
382 // Angie
Another rising and promising artist lands on our mixtape series: Angie, ladies & gentlemen!
381 // Bini_Mint
Meet Bini_Mint, a promising German selector who has gathered a few gems for our mixtape series.
379 // Roliva
Young. Skilled. Rising. Mexican virtuoso Roliva made a super cool mixtape for us. Have fun!
377 // Goldie Palm
We leave for our holidays with a big smile on the face. The reason: This outstanding mix Goldie Palm made for our delight! Enjoy! 🍹
376 // Cogu
Another interesting Brazilian artist embarks on our spaceship. Meet Cogu, folks!
Picture by Damien Stein
We proudly welcome the one & only Franz Matthews to our mixtape series. Savour the moment!
374 // LIA
Hailing from a clubbing environment, LIA knew from a tender age that her future would be behind the decks.
Picture by Moritz Binner
You'd better be wearing your most comfortable dancin' shoes: Eva Crystaltips, ladies & gentlemen!
372 // Eve Lyn
Let's go Downtempo, shall we? Savour the moment with this mesmerising selection Eve Lyn put together for our mixtape series.
371 // MARGO
For the fans of high-quality House Music out there, MARGO prepared a stunning selection for your (and our) delight.
370 // Geneva
Save the name: Geneva is a young and rising artist who has been having a quite busy journey so far... and she is just starting!
The rising duo PANKA PANKA combined acid and darkness for their appearance on our mixtape series.
368 // Petrvs
It's part of our mission to find and share the work of rising DJs and producers: Meet Petrvs.
367 // Zeitreise
Caveat emptor: Some of you may not be able to handle this level of darkness: Zeitreise, ladies, gentlemen & demons.
365 // Ceyda Yagiz
What a beautiful selection Ceyda Yagiz prepared for us. Intensity and eclecticism set the tone.
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