004 // Javi Frías

Madrid's mayor, Javi Frias is not only a Disco-savvy but also a skilled DJ and producer. Such skills will be promptly noticed when you listen to his amazing mix.

Javi Frias is a DJ and producer from Madrid that has been collecting and playing records since the late nineties. In the last few years, he has started to make noise in the disco scene because of his incendiary edits and reworks, releasing some records on top labels like Street Edits, Giant Cuts, Midnight Riot, Boogie Café and Bons Records. His music is usually played and charted by top DJs like Danny Krivit, Detroit Swindle, Red Greg, Horse Meat Disco, Jacques Renault, Rahaan, Marcel Vogel, Get Down Edits and Frank Booker.

2017 has been a great year for him because he has started his own label – Night Shift Records – devoted to disco edits and house music where he has released two EPs by himself getting great exposure all over the world and selling really fast. He had another big success with the release of his first 7″ on Disco Pocho and his tasteful edit of Susana Estrada feminist hit ‘Quitate El Sosten’. Next year will have two more new releases on 7″ and a few releases on his own label by him and other great producers.

Frias is a passionate record collector and selector, he really likes to play different kinds of stuff during his sets, from new to old, from the classics to the obscure and rare records, always getting the crowd ready to discover new sounds but keeping the dancefloor on fire.

He’s the resident DJ and booker of Discotizer, a disco-boogie-house party every Friday at Marula Cafe Madrid, where he had invited and shared the decks with top DJs like Joey Negro, Danny Kirivit, Detroit Swindle, Rahaan, Red Greg, HMD, Eli Escobar, Dan Shake, Medlar, Get Down Edits, Marcel Vogel, Ron Basejam, Art Of Tones, Luxxury and Alkalino.

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