011 // G-Prod

No, they are not the Blue Man Group, they are the one and only G-Prod, and they made us very happy with this exclusive DJ set that starts with Reggae and varies seamlessly to House Music.

Since 2010, OuD!n13 & Dave-G, two passionate brothers of electronic music fly in duet to try to complement each other. For lack of time, the G-prod escapes as quickly as possible by creating live projects. With hindsight and more time for collaboration, they propose since late 2011 a nebula of influences based mainly between the electronic music and the dub.

Since 2013, the G-Prod releases tracks & remixes on several labels such as: Aesthetic circle, Anecdote records, Appian Sounds, Biotech, Bakroom, Restructured, Miam records, Specimen records, R & S Records, Soiree Records, Naeba, Visillusion, CZ, Deeper State, Groove Factory and more.

The story has just begun…

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