017 // Arun R

Observe DJ Arun R's smile in this picture. That's how we were while listening to his mix. Smooth & vibrant, jazzy & groovy, eclectic & sexy... a little help in finding other adjectives would be highly appreciated.

The most recent chapter in Arun’s story is about to be the most exciting yet. The Hong Kong-based DJ has peaked over the ten-year milestone of delivering tasteful music, curating for venues, and bringing top artists to his hometown; he is now ready to unleash a new focus on his life in music.

After a period of work-hiatus & some introspective time to himself, Arun has been patiently carving a new musical journey that is quickly becoming ‘his sound’; “Refusing to be pigeonholed, Arun R can seamlessly drift from Balearic vibes to raw deep house, taking his listeners on ethereal journeys of sound and music” (Karma Klique). Despite his adamant stance of having no boundaries, he still remains established in the scene of serious house music lovers.

Now, the HK-born Indian with an eclectic palate for more than just music has grounded his feet strongly with a sound that exudes dubby warmth, melodic bliss and afro-tinged house grooves, with the addition of elements of acid, broken-beat & soulful bliss. Tastemakers and connoisseurs alike are already throwing their hands up in appreciation of Arun’s journey-making skills that leave a lasting impression.

He is currently signed with Double Malt Records, from where a few releases should be expected very soon!

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