019 // Peza

The way Peza promptly supported our project made us fall in love even more with him! As if his unique talent to combine many different styles during his sets was not enough!

Peza has been a part of the Nu Disco and Re-Edit scene for some time now, as well as having a very strong affinity with the darker more acidic end of the musical spectrum. Remixes and collaboration credits include artists such as Damon Albarn, Joe Goddard, Greg Wilson, Dicky Trisco, Mike Smith (Gorillaz/Blur), amongst many others.

Often on his travels to festivals up and down the United Kingdom, including regular appearances at Festival N.ยบ 6 and Alfresco, Peza has played to crowds in European cities such as Berlin, Tirana and Vienna. Peza is also an integral part of Greg Wilson’s ‘Credit To The Edit’ collective. Regularly DJing alongside Greg, Derek Kaye and Henry Greenwood.

Expect to hear anything from classic edits, fresh Nu Disco, House, Electro, Acid House… as long as it has that certain something!

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