032 // Evergrace

Original founder of the Berlin-based listening session & party series Disco Spektrum, Evergrace cooked a stunning and groovy selection for our delight!

Franconian boogie master Evergrace is an outstanding music mind full of love and enthusiasm. No-Ego-Trips and togetherness are his mantras, making him your best friend at the booth and a truly infectious proclaimer of joy.

With the platform Disco Spektrum, the DJ brings Berlin’s local Disco & Funk scene together. Since 2016 his listening sessions, open decks and Disco dinners are an important part of the local network connecting the dots.

Being active for quite some years in town, Evergrace holds a DJ residency and club night at Crack Bellmer, played at Monarch, Panke, Monkey Bar and Spartacus and supported different groove-minded artists like First Touch (Omega Supreme), Marc Hype (Dusty Donuts), Alex Barck (Jazzanova), Fannar (Meat Magazine), Vexkiddy (Hot Pony), Mixed Moods (Future Soul Radio), 1-800-Disco (Disco Express London) and Rollers HiFi (Rollers Inc).

Born in 1988, his passion began with dad’s Boogie and Metal crates in the middle of Bavarian nowhere. Mixed with the breakbeats of Streetfighter and the experience of French Touch in the 90s, he quickly became the full-fledged music geek he still is today.

Musically he stays true to our all Disco roots casting edit-spells and rework-magic in a genuinely intense way. Eyes wide open for melody and high spirit. Sometimes classic, sometimes obscure, but always essential, circulating between Soul, Funk, Disco and House with a touching wishfulness.

“What moves me the most as a DJ and dancer is the communitarian dream of disco and the utopia of the sound system. We can do it better every night.”

Even beyond the decks, Evergrace is still on the beat. Studying the historical origins of acoustics and concepts of noise art. His most recent topic is audio games for blinds.

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