043 // Club Bizarre

We are honoured and flattered in having the French duo Club Bizarre supporting our project. These lads made a provocative, intense, challenging, inspirational mixtape for us. Yes, more adjectives will be welcome!

Created by Binda and Sam Berdah in November 2010, this duo from Metz has been consistently rising through the French electronic scene for the past years or so with dates at the Social Club (Paris), the Melusina (Luxembourg) playing alongside Mein Disco and Yuksek, as well as at the Rafiot (Strasbourg).

They have recently caught the attention of demanding DJs and producers ChloĆ© and Daniel Avery with a collection of slow grinding edits (notably Kraftwerk’s The Robots).

Their eclectic sets oscillate between House and Techno and are often sweetened with Soul and Funk. From all-time classics to the newest, most contemporary electro tracks, Binda and Sam Berdah stand out with original and sophisticated mixes. Club Bizarre refers to themselves as “music diffusers”, and between two “tours de piste”.

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