047 // Derek & DJLo

Groovy from the very beginning until the very end! That's the best definition of the Italian duo Derek & DJLo's exclusive mixtape they kindly provided to our platform.

The DJ duo project Derek & DJLo was born in 2015.

Alessandro Laiso aka DEREK approaches music very young by listening to vinyl of Michael Jackson, Barry White and James Brown. Intrigued by the first radio programs dedicated to house music falls in love with this groovy universe and discovered what is still his favourite record: Sandy B‘s Make The World Go Round (Deep Dish Vocal 12″). As AD of Kubik+ he worked with many underground artists including Argie, Lucio Aquilina, Inxec, Seuil, AME, Massi DL, Abe Duque, Miss Fitz, Italo Boyz, Marcin Czubala, Andre Crom, Marc.

Stubborn and obstinate, Lorenzo Maghenzani aka DJLo collects, studies, produces music and performs DJ sets that are strongly inspired by House and Techno scenes that he loves deeply. In recent years, he got skilled as a mixing and mastering engineer, designing and building a recording studio devoted entirely to analogue electronic productions, where he works for many artists in the industry. Its original and unexpected style, while maintaining strong roots in the classic House culture, revolves around the raw sounds that came from the universe of Chicago and Detroit.

Together, Derek & DJLo became residents of many successful party’s including CAFE LOCO, NOSLEEP and INSANE.

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