059 // Dietmar Wacker

Frankfurt's mayor has just landed on our platform: Dietmar Wacker, one of GOSU's masterminds, provided an exclusive and exquisite selection of House Music directly from his vaults for us!

It’s never too late to start a passion.

Dietmar Wacker – a dinosaur in real life – resurrected from extinction after life-changing events but his passion for music stayed.

Electronica, Deep House, Chicago and Detroit House, some Techno infusion – these were the ingredients when he started with a monthly show at an internet radio station at the beginning of 2010.

Later he developed a deeper love for the underground scene of House and Techno music, he learned to play with vinyl records and opened the legendary GOSU vinyl shop in Frankfurt in 2016 together with a group of like-minded young passionate dudes. In his spare time and when occasions arise he spins his records in smaller clubs and bars in and around the Frankfurt area, at Museums exhibition events or at Fete De La Musique in Paris.

The journey continues.

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