064 // Fausto

Fausto's sonority, both producing and performing, is intense, obscure and complex, but also extremely groovy. Every set tells a different story and you are free to interpret and react to this story the way you judge better. Press play, start reading!

Fausto is the project of Mexico based producer J. Fausto Apodaca. Lately, his name has become a reference of what a versatile creative mind is capable of transforming into his own signature electronica in which his gnar-gnar tricks seamlessly blend with his chunking DJ style and bend people over by pummeling them slow pacing.

In late 2016 he made a splash in the Mexican electronic scene with his meticulous beat layering from downtempo to indie that resulted in a nomination for Best Electronic Album in Indie-O Music Awards. But since 2017, He has established a new aspect of his project by producing music for the dancefloor, transmuting into a seducing sound impregnated with his forever interminable Moog Sub 37 that echoes through the international scenario with his worldwide conspicuous releases on labels such as Roam Recordings, Controlla (Ali X from Azari III and Ximena’s label), Nein Records, Phisica and Tom Tom Disco, as well as his pure quality remixes on Turbo Recordings, Bottom Forty and others.

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