066 // Kate Stein

Kate Stein drew our attention when we first listened to one of her live sets. She kindly and promptly accepted our request for a mixtape, and the result is a delicious Balearic trip that will make you smile!

Nothing should be taken too seriously on the dance floor. Kate Stein stands for Zero Fucks – dance like you mean it! Originally hailing from Australia, Kate is an international DJ based primarily between New York and Berlin. Co-founder of the NYC party label “Front Left” Kate aims to provide a unique and distinctive style of parties in the New York underground scene. With regular bookings at NYC’s iconic House of Yes, she has also played in locations and for key brands across the globe including Montreal, Miami, Tulum, Barbados, Bali, Berlin, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Sydney, Burning Man, Elements Festival, Per Anhalter Festival, Pink Mammoth, Disco Knights, 1001 Nights, Caravan Gitane, vvyn and iFEEL.

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