083 // ANIMAM

ANIMAM, despite the young age, has already amassed considerable experience when it comes to developing the Mexican underground nightlife. His many influences allow him to provide a true music experience either in his podcasts or live performances.

ANIMAM is part of the Mexico City underground scene, with already 12 years of experience and with several projects under his belt through which he has covered different sounds from new rave to techno, from acid to electro. Over the years, his sound already achieved a deconstruction of acid, techno and trance vibes with solid sequences and percussions, perfect for “dance & trip” lovers. He has been part of the underground nightlife for a while and already made different events and projects that support local talents and will launch his own label soon. He already released some tracks under different labels like Emerald & Doreen, Ruter, Dark and Death, Lunacy, F&F RECS and NUFF Music.

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