103 // Ricardo Ruben

Ricardo Ruben is an Argentinean DJ & producer who has been drawing attention not only in South America but also in Europe due to solid releases on labels of the Old Continent such as Emerald & Doreen Recordings and Playground Records.

After his Mexican Tour during two large months, visiting more than 8 different cities and having 10 gigs, Ricardo Ruben is back with forced Indie-Acid-Techno sounds. Ricardo is a selected artist from Playground Records, and has already released on Controlla, Emerald & Doreen, NUFF MUSIC, Disque Discos, Monotonias Music, Two Dots Recordings and Maleza Recordings.

Today, Ricardo Ruben proposes in his tracks a synthesis between the experimental and intensity of rock, orchestrated with virtual and analog instruments like Drum Synth Pulser (better known as SpaceDrum), an instrument that defines the sound of his nowadays productions, and the classical sound of TB03. These articulations and sounds are displayed on concepts and structures of Indie Dance, DarkDisco, Chugg, SloMo, Italo, Techno, House, Progressive and Tech-House, which Ricardo defined as Techno-Twist.

His presentations are usually Live Act (#drumliveset) or DJ Set.

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