115 // Luca Vera

Seasoned Italian producer Luca Vera put together some exquisite tunes and cooked a tenacious mixtape for our series. A must-listen!

Luca Vera (The Dub Records), Italian DJ and producer, comes to life in the late seventies in a small city between Rome and Naples. He starts tasting music during his childhood in the eighties and quickly acquires a strong passion for the Italian disco. He reaches his musical maturity during the nineties with the explosion of house music for which he starts living. That love becomes so strong that it makes him want to experience the thrill of the decks. This passion lives and persists for over twenty years now and maintains his mood in a continuum of emotions that lead him to face every experience as if it was his first time.

After years on stage, he plunges into the world of production in order to approach music in a more profound way which pushes him always to experiment and try something new that differentiates his sonority. The desire to pursue novelty and uniqueness and to search for creation in hidden corners of music completes his growth and musical maturity, making him a complete artist with proper knowledge that he skillfully applies to face the reality of this world as a veteran while still keeping the desire for discovery of a child.

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