123 // John Paynter

John Paynter (A Space Age Freak Out) is definitely a space music aficionado. His monthly show on KMAH Radio is a must-listen not only due to the forgotten gems, but also the unreleased tracks he keeps pouring.

John Paynter – aka A Space Age Freak Out – is an avid record collector and has been a passionate and knowledgeable music fan since the heady days of punk. His first gigs and introduction to live music were The Stranglers, The Ramones, The Clash and The Buzzcocks, a love of which he still has today. Many years later, on a trip to the Outlaws Yacht Club to see a “Chinwag,” with Andrew Weatherall, John began an unforeseen musical journey and was invited, by long-time friend and Chinwag host, Chris Madden, to join himself and Gaz Lethbridge as a member of the Psychic Graffiti DJ team, a position which he still holds today and with whom he still plays monthly with at that very venue.

John’s keen music sense and love of psychedelia, punk, funk, electro and dub greatly helped him in gaining a well-deserved reputation as a live DJ. Offers from local promoters were quickly followed by a headline slot on the Perfumed Garden stage at Beat-Herder. The circle was completed with a 3-hour warm-up slot for Andrew at The Golden Lion, in Todmorden, at which The Guv’nor was said to be fishing for tunes John was playing.

John now hosts his own monthly radio show, “A Space Age Freak Out,” on Kmah Radio. Here he showcases the very best and latest, psychedelic-tinged electronic dance music and has started producing his own compositions and remixing the works of other artists under the moniker of “A Space Age Freak Out.”

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