132 // Billy Bogus

We have the pleasure to feature in our mixtape series none other than Billy Bogus. His trademark - the seamless amalgamation of as many genres as possible - set the tone of the brilliant selection he kindly provided to our platform.

Billy Bogus (real name Niccolò Bruni), Pizzico Records’ founder, started as a DJ in the mid-90s when he was only 18. He was a squatter and he used to arrange unusual performances with an endless rotation of FSOL & Klaus Schulze music, filming everybody with a VHS camera and broadcasting everything in the community, creating peculiar vibes and feelings all around.

Today his approach to DJing has the same feeling, also with contemporary dance music. Rare vinyl records, mp3s, scratchy CDs, the format doesn’t matter, the central themes are what is important to him: Italo Disco, Slow Motion Funk, Trippy Techno, every kind of dance music is like a magic path to a shiny groove and he aims to spread this energy among the people via his own label. Pizzico was founded in 2007 and, among others, they have discovered and produced artists such as Jonathan Kusuma (Space System), Ichisan, Discodromo, Kid Who, Sare Havlicek, MA Spaventi and many more.

After remixing the legendary band The Units and Dennis Young from Liquid Liquid, Billy’s career as a producer began to grow steadily: singles, remixes, three official albums and a jazzy one under the moniker of Strata-Gemma. The word about his work was on everyone’s lips, including household names like Laurent Garnier and Dimitri From Paris. His tracks have been regularly played by disco legends like DJ Harvey, Stevie Kotey, Gilles Peterson, Ivan Smagghe and Bill Brewster.

Billy has been on the scene for two decades and he proudly played as a DJ with InFlagranti, The Glimmers, Erol Alkan, 2ManyDJs, Justice, Digitalism, Swayzak, Rainer Truby, Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area), Jimmy Somerville, Crystal Castles, Andrew Weatherall, Neon, Daniele Baldelli, Andy Rourke (The Smiths), Trevor Jackson, Charlie Bones, Noze, Joakim, Poni Hoax and many more.

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