134 // Baka Bakqa

BAKA BAKQA, Gouter de Nuit's big boss, is finally on board our spaceship and wearing his strongest suit: Versatility! His mixtape features many of his influences, brought together with the same energy and enthusiasm of his DJ sets.

Grand Marabout of the Dark Disco tribe, Kevin Pinenq-Vidal aka Baka Bakqa exercises the dancefloors with his magic waves: New Wave, Cold Wave, Dark Wave, Synthwave, Post-Punk, EBM, Indie-Dance and Italo Disco are amongst his favourite genres.

His spells are the remnants of his fascination with the ’80s culture, they make him a committed artist of the Goth scene and resolutely the dance scene. Founder and Artistic Director of Gouter de Nuit (Paris), he is also a resident of Ceremony NWPP.

In just 3 years of DJing, he has created the alliance of the Parisian local scene along with international collaborations with labels like Mange Moi (Paris), Nein Records (London/Berlin), and more recently Controlla (Mexico City).

He has been currently working on the official French release of the very promising Critical Monday label founded by Damon Jee and Bonnie Spacey (supported by Demian, Curses, Alvaro Cabana, Jennifer Cardini, Zombies in Miami, Younger Than Me and many others).

For such solid projects, Baka Bakqa wishes to develop a more immersive dimension in his events, with themes connecting the world of science fiction and occultism with the art of the table specific to the language of Gouter de Nuit (Gouter: an afternoon snack eaten by children).

Notice to fans of DJ sets: his spectrum of rhythm ranges from 70 to 180 BPM and embarks you on a journey across darkness, melancholia, nostalgia, poetry and assumed intensity!

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