136 // Modular Project

The Italian duo Modular Project lands on our platform with an impressive mixtape! Space & retro vibes from the very beginning until the very end!

Modular Project is an eclectic Italian duo formed in 2014 by Alberto Lovine and Alessandro Fumagalli. Their style – influenced by Italo Disco, New Wave and Rock sounds from the ’80s – is very recognizable because they merge electronic, indie and techno using powerful drums, driving synths making an emotional impact. At the beginning of 2017, they remixed the Blond:ish classic ‘Wizard Of Love’ on Rebirth Records that it was one of the most requested tracks on the label of the last years. Thanks to this collaboration with the Italian label, they opened their own imprint ‘Nothing Is Real’ and, in the meantime, they became resident DJs at VOLT club Milano where they played alongside names like Ellen Allien, Mano Le Tough, Peggy Gou, Scuba, Barnt, Kiasmos, Baikal and many more.

2018 was the consecration of the project, releasing on Fairmont’s Beachcoma ‘Substance’ EP and again on Rebirth with the single ‘Leaving’ getting two amazing remixes from the infamous German producer Acid Pauli and the Danish genius Kasper Bjørke. This year, after playing in several prestigious European clubs, it’s the time of their debut on the Hamburg label hfn music obtaining big success with the EP ‘1981’, where we can find ‘Past Present Future’, their Krautrock and Techno track that has been played by DJs from all over the world. The releases list and their collaboration with Rebirth continue this summer, with the Italo wave tune ‘Vivid Poison’ featuring the Russian-Tartarian based in Berlin singer Eleonora, remixed by the amazing Perel and the Israeli artist Autarkic. New Modular music is coming soon…

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