148 // Julie Voodoo

We have the pleasure of featuring the one & only Julie Voodoo from the French collective PRISM. Her eclectic and vibrant mixtape is definitely a must-listen!

Julie Voodoo is part of the PRISM collective, which leads the scene in the area of Biarritz and with whom she shares an artistic sensibility characterized by slow, heavy, and hypnotic sounds. Her approach to the music is a subtle balance of multiple influences such as breakbeat rhythms, techno melodies, ethnic samples and captivating bass lines. With Julie, you can expect committed and organic acts!

She joined the collective in 2015 and since then she has had the opportunity to share decks with acclaimed artists of the worldwide underground scene such as Uriah Klapter, Phred Noir, Pletnev, Daniel Baughman, Manfredas, Ivan Smagghe, Saschienne Live, Khidja, Tronik Youth, Zombies In Miami Live, Undo, Rodion, Jack Fairley, Kezokichi, Chloe, Theus Mago & Moderna Live, The Two Mammarrachos, Bird of Paradise, Remain, David Shaw, Dawad & Mokic Live, Monoblock & PSLKTR Live, just to name a few… The story is still to be written.

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