154 // Xácome

Rastro Live's big boss Xácome prepared a caliente selection for our delight.

Xácome is a DJ and producer based in Madrid where he usually performs at the essential clubs of the city like Sala Republik, Ballesta Club, Siroco, La Riviera or Taboo to name a few. He is the creator and the curator of the collective Rastro Live. A platform with the objective of promoting local artists in the first place, as well as international artists.

He has been a cultural activist for the past 20 years. Creator of TV shows on national TV stations promoting underground culture. He is the editor of different local magazines that also focus on exposing artists and local events that contribute to the local cultural fabric.

In Rastro Live he has curated almost 200 streamings with different artists in a little over a year and still going faster than ever. Rastro Live has turned out to be a must-stop for aspiring and established DJs. The project also promotes local and independent commerce by collaborating to do live streamings from a variety of shops and businesses. Design studios, cafes, record stores, popular markets etc. Xácome continues to come up with new projects that encourage and adopts organised as well as guerrilla cultural activism simply for the love of it.

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