158 // Fernanda Arrau

Madrid-based Chilean DJ & producer Fernanda Arrau amassed a groovy selection of beautiful tunes for our delight.

Fernanda Arrau is a DJ/producer from Chile, based in Madrid. She has been a regular name in the most important clubs of her native Santiago, contributing to the development of the current underground scene in Chile and in the rest of Latin America. On the respected Chilean electronic Label ‘Pirotecnia’ she published her first two works: “Cambio/Fuera” (2015) and “A Larga Distancia” (2016) with very good reception, being nominated for best Chilean electronic artist on 2 occasions at the Pulsar Awards (renowned music awards in Chile). In 2019, she released her last two productions “Neo House” on her label United Colors of Rhythm and “Cook” for the Canadian label YUNG DUMB Records.

Her sound moves between techno, house and electro, influenced by the synthesizers of the 80s, bright boxes and Latin rhythms. Warm and enveloping sounds that have opened the way also in Madrid, playing in the best clubs of the Spanish capital. Her new project, United Colors of Rhythm label, wants to contribute to the development of the scene not only in Spain but also across Europe with a new musical and artistic proposal.

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