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Rotterdam-based Articulat has a story to tell you, not with words, though, but with rhythms & sounds from several corners of the world.

Articulat took shape in multicultural Rotterdam as a fusion of harbour roughness and homeland nostalgia. The approach to music, in sets or own productions, is physical, ritualistic and often sprinkled with curiosities. Structure, rhythm and texture are used as tools for creating audio experiences and dancefloor narratives. Articulat tells his stories on Operator Radio in Rotterdam, where he runs a bi-monthly show. As a producer, he debuted with an EP full of unexpected sounds inspired by themes like Steampunk and Romanian folklore, very precisely engineered to experience storytelling in the most physical way – Best Of Manikin (07AM) on AM Records. The release was followed by 12AM – Daytime High EP and 01PM – Reflections EP, both also on AM Records.

Before Articulat, he organized events – most notable is Vinyl Sessions which was a monthly event he promoted for 2 years. “I was inviting collectors to share some of their most personal records in a cosy, social atmosphere, focused on listening and social interaction. It was not a dance event, more of an audition. But often people started dancing, even on non-standard sounds and before you knew it, you had a dancefloor born out of nothing. That’s when I understood that dancing doesn’t need a recipe. It just comes naturally”, he said. When Operator Radio opened in Rotterdam, he transformed the event into Vinyl Sessions Radio Show where he continued the free music exploration every month, for one year, in a back-to-back 2-hour adventure together with a few guests and a co-host he met during the original event series.

Throughout this time, he was also the co-pilot of a music platform and label from Bucharest, called We Play Wax. They extended it to Rotterdam, and he was in charge of local events organizing, interview writing and scouting for podcast content.

All these experiences gave him a broad taste and understanding of music, so he decided to adventure on a solo project and bring to life his own productions which he was tinkering with for several years already. That’s how Articulat came into existence.

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