172 // Local Suicide

Beloved duo Local Suicide is unanimously acclaimed as one of the best acts amid the Indie Dance/Dark Disco community.

The history of the DJ duo and couple Local Suicide stretches back to 2009. Since they meet, Munich-born Brax Moody and Thessaloniki native Vamparela have collaborated together on projects ranging from DJ sets and bands to remixes and music production, all culminating in the conception of Local Suicide in Berlin. The rhythm and dynamism of Munich’s burgeoning hip-hop scene is merged with the grit of the back-alley indie clubs lining the streets of Vamparela’s hometown to give birth to the distinctive Local Suicide sound, an energetic fusion of New Wave, Slow Techno, Post-Disco, EBM and Acid that they themselves like to call “Cobra Wave” and “Technodisco”.

You can rest assured that this couple is at the very peak of their game. Their DJ career has carried them to all four corners of the world, whipping crowds into a frenzy at Lollapalooza, Melt!, Amsterdam Dance Event, Off Sonar, Festival Forte, Berlin Festival and almost every club the German capital has to offer. Their live cuts have been honed to perfection with years of shows alongside the very best in the scene, even being invited by New Order to warm up for their live performance. This hectic schedule has taken them across Europe, Asia, North Africa, South America and the United States, all whilst holding down their day jobs in the music industry. Leaving the DJ booth, however, does not mean they are leaving their comfort zone. As the faces behind some of the most prolific parties Berlin has to offer, these two were the driving forces of the now infamous T.O.F.U (Too Old For Understatement) parties for example, which are just one of the many marks that they have left on the Berlin underground scene.

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