187 // Fabio Me Llaman Soltero

High-spirited and buoyant Guatemalan artist Fabio Me Llaman Soltero amassed some music gems for our mixtape series.

Fabio Me Llaman Soltero‘s (Disque Discos, PlayPal Music, Richmerch, Duro, Tráfico) name is not new to the Latin American Electronic Music scene, this eccentric multifaceted producer, co-founder of the Sonido Moderna Collective and two of the most important clubs in his country (Club Solemne in Guatemala city and Azul Rosa in the beautiful Lake Atitlán) has always been known for his insatiable search for a particular sound with the experimentation of various genres. He has shared decks with big names over his career like Matías Aguayo, DJs Pareja, Carisma, Thomas Von Party, Iñigo Vontier, Zombies In Miami, Mijo, Rodion, Theus Mago, Que Sakamoto, TYU, just to name a few. His productions always rise in the top 20 on the digital platforms out there and have been played and supported by amazing producers like Curses, who played several times his forthcoming track “Violence Mamita” (to be released on Ombra International). Labelling this guy with a musical genre; in its own words, is “boring, and music, like life itself, must be free; because rhythms are there to be used in the best way for us”. His performance is a very interactive show that combines funny vocals, synthesizers, bathrobe dance moves, champagne and a lot of good flow with the audience.

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