Another artist to watch lands on our platform: Undefined Pattern is slowly but steadily carving his name among the good guys of his generation.

Born in the late nineties, the producer based in Mexico City gives rise to the music project UNDEFINED PATTERN. He was inspired by the ongoing stress and paranoia of living in Mexico, seeing this way reflected in mystical, strong, and psychedelic music, typical of a free and non-stereotyped dance floor. His sound is based on strong rhythms and percussions, resounding and concise bases, as well as psychedelic and mesmerizing melodies worthy of a late-night soirée.

In his sets, UNDEFINED PATTERN promises a music anthology, guiding and telling a story through a mix of songs. As a producer, with his debut in the compilation “Disquehorror IX” released on of Disque Discos, plus his recently released EP “El Desespere” on DURO and the upcoming release “Convergenxia” on Richmerch, UNDEFINED PATTERN is steadily making his music known.


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