200 // Caju

It took us 579 days to reach 200 mixtapes. 82 weeks and 5 days, if you prefer. For such a special landmark, we invited the Brazilian duo Caju formed by Agrabah & Caio Schmitz.

From the passion for the Disco/Boogie era and the Brazilian swing, the Caju’s project was born with the aim to rescue tropical grooves and resignify them to the current dancefloor. From Curitiba, Brasil, the duo is formed by Ágatha Prado, DJ, researcher and producer, known for her Agrabah project, with releases on labels like Clipp.art, Gatopardo, Alataj and Connect; and Caio Schmitz, aka Schmanski, who started out as Ágatha’s music production student, and after a great positive return for the joint work of the edit “Baby Doll De Nylon”, his DJing and production work evolved with the influence of house music. Caju is focused on the production of edits and originals that rescue musical and television Brazilian memories, which were lost in previous generations, as well as sets full of energy and expansive beats.

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