211 // Chromatic Club

We are very pleased in having the Chromatic Club boys landing on our mixtape series. They prepared a lovely selection for our delight.

Chromatic Club is a promoter, magazine, agency, label and DJ duo, formed by Alejandro Serrano and Josep Llop in 2016, in order to highlight the culture of electronic music in a personal and detailed way.

From organizing parties to promoting artist works in different media and platforms – apart from their own -, through brand consulting, artist agency or interviews with admired artists, Chromatic Club is much more than a promoter or magazine to use. In the same way, Alex and Josep’s sessions cover a wide range of styles, ranging from breakbeat to disco, to EBM or techno.

They have collaborated with a multitude of artists on the scene, such as Daniel Kyo, Teniente Castillo, Sutja Gutiérrez, Iván de la Rouch, Javier Busto, François del Mundo, Orco… And played in many venues in Valencia such as Latex, La Carbonera, Umbral, Sylenzio, La Peligro, Agora, Nylon Club, Electropura, Killing Time, and in other cities as well: Entredosaguas (Peñíscola), Slow (Barcelona), Phoenix Bar & Co (Madrid), as well as festivals such as the Soundglasses Festival or Music Hit Mode.

In addition, they have collaborated with plastic artists from the beginning to set their parties, such as Paco Roca, Azucena González, Inma Carpena, Jorge Riera and Coté Escrivá.

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