214 // Eyjafjöll

French producer Eyjafjöll prepared a beautiful mixtape for us! A great selection of amazing tunes to bring you some joy and hope for the next 66 minutes.

Eyjafjöll is a French producer. He has run an indie electronic music live performance for about 5 years now with Techno, House, Acid influences, but also Cold Wave and New Wave. Dark, mystic, dancing, sometimes weirdo with a scenography close to a black mess, Eyjafjöll’s music is letting room for meditation, dreams, and psychedelic trips.

He’s been signed on labels such as Nein and KdB and released several EPs on his own label, Nazca Lines Records. Nein released his latest EP, called “Three”: Two tracks, one shining with a hippy style (“Three”, included in this mixtape) and the other darky voodoo cursed track, with two beautiful remixes by From Beyond and Celestino (SXDNS curator).

As a DJ, he likes to explore techno and house music but always with indie rock, world music, industrial or strange ambience touches. Dark or colourful, he loves contrasts and making the people dance!

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