241 // Alice Palace

After a break of more than 10 years, Alice Palace is back to DJing, and she has not lost her touch! The mixtape she cooked for us is a delight!

Having dabbled with DJing during her 20s, Alice Palace took a break for well over a decade, favouring the dance floor over the DJ booth. She only seriously reconnected with DJing in the last year during the enforced lockdown after doing a show for a friend on EH-FM. A residency soon followed on Cowbell Radio, along with shows on Isolation Station, Graffiti Kings Radio, and Rising Edge Radio, with occasional sets for various live-streaming platforms in London, Edinburgh, and her new hometown of Berlin.

Her usual style is downtempo chugging dance music, often with a nod to the ’80s and a large dose of sleaze. But here she has stepped up the pace a little, opening with some dark and moody basslines leading into a more uplifting dance-inducing second half.

“I find it hard to define my style of music, it definitely doesn’t fit easily into one or two genres. My earliest influences came from Lindstrom & Prins Thomas’s style of spacey disco and they are still very present in what I play now, but I also really enjoy slow pitched down music that you can’t necessarily dance to but which provides a different type of escapism. Hence why my Mixcloud has a wide variety of sets playing many different types of music. It’s a way to channel and express my emotions… and emotions change from day to day, week to week. I guess the best way to describe what I play is anything that either moves me emotionally or makes me want to move my feet. That’s probably the best and most simple way to put it!”, she said.

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