257 // Lott

Tel Aviv-born, Berlin-based producer Lott lands on our mixtape series with an eclectic and interesting selection.

Lott grew up in Tel Aviv’s captivating electronic music scene. He got his first drum machine at about the same age he was allowed into clubs. An ongoing love for sound sculpting and rhythm, love, and equality is what drew his whole self into electronic music and nightclubs.

Based in Berlin nowadays, you can find him playing his live shows, incorporating authentic elements from the live music world with synthesized sounds, part of an ever-going journey of curiosity to contrasted creations. His productions can be considered as a psychedelic trip imprinted on structured drum machine rhythm, all mixed with a natural tendency to electric guitar sounds, vocals and a handful usage of warm temperature spices and percussion.

Inhaling influences from industrial club music, rave sounds, and synthesizer new wave, it all contrasted with an authentic soundscape to be found in the urban environment of the middle east and Europe altogether.

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