263 // Beyond The Struttosphere

Enjoy the cosmic selection prepared with love by Beyond The Struttosphere to our mixtape series.

Beyond The Struttopshere is a sonic collaboration between Leo Strutt (Strutt Bros DJs) and Ben Chetwood (Flying Mojito Bros, Damian Lazarus’s Ancient Moons) aimed at channelling their considerable musical production experience and boundless love of cosmic dark disco. Their debut EP, New Frontier, was released on Gouranga Music in late 2020 and featured two originals backed by remixes from heavyweights of the scene: James Rod, Mufti and K-Effect. It found much acclaim among Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston’s A Love From Outer Space online fraternity and was featured on Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space mix series. The boys are back in early 2021 with their second EP, on Mélopée Records, featuring two dance-floor orientated tunes and stellar remixes from Mexican dark disco wizard, Roliva, and Mélopée stalwart, Camilo Sanjuan. Their now trademark sound combines chugging basslines with reverbed guitar chords, gnarly arpeggiator riffs, 80s-tinged synthesisers and psychedelic delay lines. The boys have a busy year ahead with several other releases in the pipeline. Strap yourselves in for an interstellar ride Beyond The Struttosphere!

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