270 // La Mano

What an energetic selection La Mano prepared for our mixtape series!

La Mano is the alias for Anglo Italian DJ and Producer Carlo Bragagnini. Mixing up progressive, melodic, and deeper shades of house and techno, Carlo has formed a signature sound with Italo and disco influences that give his grooves real energy and flavour.

His own productions reflect the vibe of his DJ sets, merging strong Italo Disco and Italo House influences with mid-to-late-90’s progressive house, and today’s deeper house flavours – emotive and ethereal, yet with an unmistakable groove and unique energy, all guided by a solid understanding of what works on the dancefloor.

Since his debut on Through God’s Own Eyes, Carlo has had success with EPs on Secret Fusion and Nightcolours labels and has a forthcoming release on Tusk Wax. Carlo’s first release on his newly founded label Sound du Jour is due out later this year.

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