275 // EZRA

Young and promising German producer EZRA put some tunes together for our mixtape series.

EZRA’s passion for music started with guitar lessons and a love for classic rock, ’80s pop and antiquated keyboards in his childhood. After playing in several school bands, he replaced his guitar with two record players. His DJ career started with a DJ-Contest in 2010 at the local nightclub Blau in Saarbrücken. After winning the contest, he became a resident DJ at the weekly party “We Are Your Friends” at Blau and started to spin records with artists like Mr Flash from Ed Banger Records. After hitting local clubs and bars, he played at the Electro Magnetic Festival in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and made his first steps in music production.

His music selection in the years 2010 –2014 used to be a peak-time mélange of hot French House tunes, contemporary disco edits and the highlights and insider tips of 2010s maximal sound. In 2015, EZRA started to make himself scarce at the DJ booth and focused on his studio work. Besides the dance floor, he created his alter ego apOmorph, focusing on soul-melting sampled chill beats, arranged with the help of his huge record collection and analogue sampling gear. He self-released two albums as apOmorph in 2016 on cassette and appeared on various compilations from cassette labels such as Inner Ocean Records from Canada, Ombillic Tapes from France, and Nekubi Tapes from Greece.

After a time of producing canapé beats in his bedroom, he plugged some synthesizers and drum machines into his MPC sampler and started to take his productions to a higher level. EZRA released the Digital EP “Clockwork” on TWIN TOWN PRODUCTION in 2017, whose futuristic sound constructs, charged with warmth and depth, lure the audience hypnotically to the dance floor. After two remixes for Baba Sikander from Berlin and Hernan Cerbello from Argentina, he is now about to release his second EP “AKTE EROS” on TWIN TOWN PRODUCTION.

After his absence from the dance floor, the retreat to his studio and establishing his own independent cassette label KleinerSalon22 in 2020, EZRA is now ready to please your eardrums and hit the dance floors again!

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