286 // Bizzarro Universe

Another duo lands on our mixtape series: This time, the lovely couple of Hamburgo-based Bizzarro Universe.

Nianova and Danny Domingo are colourful, loud, and put a smile on everyone’s face with their warm charisma. You could briefly think that the two are from the future but leased the ’80s for their style. Since 2018, their Indie Dance and Italo Disco DJ sets bring a lot of fun and a good mood to the dance floors. The symbiosis between ’80s Synths and modern good-feel or driving basslines always fascinated them and with the start of the pandemic they combined their skills. Nianova as a musician and Danny as an electronic music DJ for over a decade. Connected through the love for the sound of the ’80s they started their first productions. After a year of experimenting and producing, they released their first tracks on the Hamburg-based label Verflixt Music in 2021 and hit the Beatport Top 10 Indie Dance Album Charts with their “Sphärenharmonie” EP.

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