304 // Renata

It is such a big pleasure to receive amazing UK-based selector Renata (1BTN) on our platform! Press play and savour the moment!

Hailing from London, Renata is a DJ and selector well-known for her eclectic sets ranging from Balearic, Jazz Funk, Soul, Afro to Electronic. Her musical education started early on with her dad who was a Jazz musician; then throughout the ’90s, she indulged in all sorts of genres from indie bands, psych through to House Music which heavily influenced her sound today.

When she’s not busy working with plants, you can find her playing records at various London’s finest establishments and festivals like Spiritland, HWK, Houghton & Gottwood. Catch her also on 1BTN 101.4 FM where she showcases her diverse musical tastes on her monthly show there every 2nd Monday of the month 2-4 pm.

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