325 // Alliee Fields

Madrid-based DJ, producer, and Rastro Live resident Alliee Fields finally lands on our mixtape series with a trippy and eclectic selection.

Alliee Fields is an emerging producer and DJ that has travelled the Atlantic and across the borders looking for music adventures. From a classical background in Colombia, she played the violin at the Philharmonic Orchestra of her school.

From her first track “Hopscotch” back in 2016 produced in London and her self-released EP “Roots“, her music has evolved considerably. Her last single “RWM” is an ambient track evoking monk choruses and different atmospheres. She is part of the Rastro Live DJ collective in Madrid and she has been playing with them since 2021 at local bars, clubs, and events. You can notice some organic rhythms, acid, Dark Disco and even Trance sounds in her DJ sets and productions.

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