327 // Birds

Rising (and shining) British DJ, producer and vocalist Birds opened the vaults of her many an influence and prepared a delicious and frenzied selection for our delight.

Birds is the musical project of East London-based DJ Katie Wilkinson. Her music is a melting pot of Techno, 90s Acid, Electro, Goth-y 80s EBM and New Wave. It brings together Acid bass lines with Post-Punk style guitars and off-kilter vocals to create something refreshingly original. She has released on labels such as Höga Nord, Ombra International, NEIN, Hard Fist, and Samo Records, and her releases have received support from the likes of Erol Alkan. She has also received a lot of love for her captivating live sets.

As a DJ, as well as through her music, she exercises a never-ending desire to explore sonic possibilities and switch up genres continuously. Her sets reflect these curiosities and have an extremely transcendent nature to them; you never know whether you’ll find yourself dancing to churning low tempo Industrial Techno, high tempo Acid bass lines, Italo or something far and in-between these things. Nothing is too weird or intense for a Birds DJ set. She has a monthly radio show on Netil Radio (the fourth Tuesday of the month 5pm-7pm), which is a residency that she’s had for the past three years.

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