331 // Didaskein

Young Mexican artist Didaskein put together some gems for our delight. Enjoy!

Diego Segura, a native of San Francisco del Rincón, founder of collective and digital label DISEVA in 2012, has managed to build and give entrance – in his small town – to a musical movement that did not exist. After 8 years as an event organizer, Diego decides to move to the city of Guadalajara in order to learn music production, to eventually end up teaching at the school where he studied.

After a few years in town, he receives the invitation to start his own radio show on the virtual station ‘Internet Public Radio’, where weekly proposals from his curatorship are played worldwide. His style could be defined as a fusion of Italo-House with Techno and Trance, moving between classic sounds full of nostalgia and contemporary melodies that captivate with their avant-garde appeal.

The versatility of his presentations has taken him to venues and platforms such as Corona Capital Guadalajara, Sunday Sunday, Radio, Kin Kin, Rhodesia, and Casa Cobra just to name a few. Still a very young artist, Diego is one of the producers of the Mexican Bajío, which is located in the middle of the country, with one of the most promising careers, with the support of national collectives and record labels.

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