339 // Bosse Faust

Young selectors will always be welcome on our plural platform. We present you today Bosse Faust. Check him out!

Bosse Faust is a native of Hamburg and the founder of the Copenhagen collective “Raveshalvøen”. His love of music began when he heard Techno music from a passing car at the age of 8. He asked his father about the genre, and he only answered: “Unz unz music”. Since then, Bosse collected music and was already considered the DJ in his circle of friends as the one often responsible for the music.

His travels to Africa, America, Asia, and New Zealand further inspired his musical tastes and since 2019 he has played a variance of different sub-genres of Melodic Techno behind the decks. His diverse musical tastes allow him to cater to the mood of the audience and adapt the music to suit them. Ethereal Techno, Afro House, Dark Disco, and Dark Techno are the most common areas he moves in.

In 2020, Bosse made his debut in Denmark at Lulu Land’s boat parties “Sunset Cruises” and after playing at more events, he hosted his first own event in Copenhagen at the end of 2021 known as Raveshalvøen. In March 2022, he made his club debut at Culture Box and Ved Siden Af in Copenhagen. Immediately after that, things took off in Hamburg where he played at Club Frau Holle.

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